"Rev. McNair’s groundbreaking work in developing the Faith, Hope and Recovery spiritual support group model has been an inspiration to other faith leaders in the Interfaith Mental Health Coalition. Such groups are an important element of what is going on nationally in comprehensive mental health ministry development." 


Robert Skrocki, past president of Interfaith Mental Health Coalition

"She creates an emotionally and physically safe space for those who want to draw from spiritual strength as they live with mental illness. She focuses on transforming mental illness into mental wellness and spiritual wholeness." 


Rev. Dr. Cheryl Magrini
Past president of the Depression Bipolar Support Alliance national board

"I suffer while I watch my son struggle with his mental illness. It has been comforting to find a group that gives me skills to use while going through this journey. This group not only lets you speak what is on your mind. It also helps with ideas to use during the month to help battle the dark moments, and get on to leading a productive, happy life."


Tracey O’Donnell

"The group process is a powerful way to offer support, build skills, and create a recovery community. FHR provides a welcoming environment for people with mood disorders and for those who care about them. Rev. McNair brings a professional focus and a personal touch to the experiences of sharing, learning and practicing skills, and spiritual discovery."


Susan Langan, MA, NCC, LCPC

"The Faith, Hope and Recovery group supports my spiritual need by rejuvenating my soul with a new and optimistic perspective which sustains my positive outlook."


Theodore J.


We have a manifold responsibility: to acknowledge the extent of our own faith (or the lack thereof), never to dismiss the idea that belief and healing are interwoven, and to encourage those who seek divine intervention to reach deep into their hearts, minds and souls for assistance.

—Rabbi Allen I. Freehling, reviewing Healing Words: The Power of Prayer and the Practice of Medicine, by Larry Dossey, M.D.